Weight Loss Solution Is Not Exercise Only

Obesity is one of the leading causes of ill health. Statistics show that 60% of adults are overweight or have an obese stature. With regards to health, obesity is an issue. Many would exert lots of effort in order to face this detrimental health problem. Obesity is often described as an imbalance of energy in one’s body - and this imbalance can be fixed by using up this stored energy through exercise. 


Exercise is known as a solution for obesity, however, exercise should be accompanied by proper diet. True, exercising a lot and doing plenty of physical activities would lead to burning calories. Burning calories would then lead to weight loss. Even if one burns more calories through exercise, this would bring no results if one continues to compensate the loss by taking more calories. In other words, the loss would be compensated by eating the wrong kind of food.

To fix this thing, proper and healthy diet is a must. We have to renovate our daily diet in order to trim down weight. Food should have low levels of salt, sugar and fat. Moreover, it should be on small and energy-dense servings. Diet should also be rich in fiber. Another thing is that there should be strategies employed when consuming food. One should also know what can he or she obtain on the food he or she eats. Lastly, considering budwig diet chart would be good.

In the end, we need to recognize the fact that obesity is not caused by moral malaise, sloth and gluttony. It happens because of the unhealthy food we eat. Consumption of unhealthy food is the reason why people become obese. However, observing proper diet would surely end obesity. 

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